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Hi-Cone Employees Share Their Knowledge with High School Business Class

In March 2015, an Introduction to Business class from Addison Trail High School came to Hi-Cone for a career day. There, the students learned about the factory, the employees, and the many benefits of Hi-Cone's multipack ring carriers. The students were given a tour of the factory and listened to speakers across all departments. They were given the chance to see how machines run and how to be successful through the whole process. To read the article, click here.

Hi-Cone Recognized as an "Environmental Innovator" in Packaging

Beverage World Magazine recognized 
Hi-Cone’s successful innovation in sustainability, by presenting a Sustainability Packaging Award in 2015 to the company. The magazine published "Value of Sustainability" by Hi-Cone's Elizabeth Sheaffer, who focused on ways packaging sustainability can be an effective way to build brand loyalty with consumers.
Hi-Cone's innovative packaging can help stakeholders communicate and provide key insights into consumer behavior. Click here to read the article.   

Successful Adopt-A-Beach 2014

Hi-Cone and Leave No Trace partnered up at 2014 Adopt-A-Beach, joined by LNT's mascot, Big Foot, Joel, President of Alliance for the Great Lakes, and hundreds of volunteers, to create an educational video to improve the environment. The International Coastal Cleanup, organized by the Ocean Conservancy, reported that 560,000 people in 91 countries removed over 16 million pounds of trash from our beaches and waterways in 2014. To learn more about Hi-Cone's Adopt-A-Beach, click here.

50 Years of Simply Great Ideas

Hi-Cone’s leadership in beverage packaging brought an obligation to educate the public about proper disposal of six-pack rings.
Hi-Cone responded with a highly successful consumer recycling program called Ring Leader. Now in its 20th year, the program teaches the proper disposal of six-pack rings and encourages recycling. Looking at the recent trends in manufacturing toward
product stewardship, it is clear that Hi-Cone was decades ahead of most companies.Click here to read the article.

Hi-Cone Adopt-A-Beach: Our 20th Year is Another Record-Breaker

What record did Hi-Cone break this year? A record number of 5,546 items
were collected. Over the past 5 years, Hi-Cone has collected over 46,500 items
and over 800 pounds of debris. The recovered items included a cell phone
and a credit card (each of which was returned to its owner), a toilet seat, a
bag of drugs, and a hair piece (none of which was returned to its owners).
Click here to read the article.

Alliance for the Great Lakes Spotlights Hi-Cone Innovations in their
Annual Report

In the Alliance for the Great Lakes Annual Report,
Hi-Cone is featured in a “Beach Adopter Spotlight”. Hi-Cone is presented as an example of how a company with strong commitment to the environment can make changes through innovations to help ensure the protection of wildlife. Click here to read the article.

Hi-Cone Provides Multipack Carriers for Emergency Drinking Water in Hurricane Sandy Disaster Areas

When critical shortages of precious water were identified in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Hi-Cone, the leading supplier of plastic multipacks, learned longtime customer Anheuser-Busch was using its Cartersville, Ga., brewery to package 44,000 cases of emergency drinking water – or 1,056,000 cans – for transport to East Coast residents impacted by the devastation. Hi-Cone stepped in and donated 6-pack carriers to help transport it the American Red Cross and other local disaster relief organizations. The distribution was swift and efficient. Click here to read the article.

Qualcomm Recognized for 15 Years of Participation in Ring Leader Recycling

For the past 15 years, Qualcomm, an global telecommunications corporation, has infallibly participated in the Ring Leader Recycling Program, demonstrating the steadfastness of their commitment to the goal of environmental responsibility. Since 1996 Qualcomm has been recycling 6-pack ring carriers through the Ring Leader Program. As of February 2012, Qualcomm has recycled 2.86 tons of 6-pack rings. That’s equal to 713,900 rings, or enough to stretch for 93 miles if laid end to end. Qualcomm anticipates an increase in ring recycling since the installation of refrigerators to stock beverages, called VisiCoolers, in its facility. Click here to read the article.

Ocean Conservancy Applauds Hi-Cone for Innovations to the Six-pack Carrier

Over the past 25 years, the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup has become the world’s largest effort for ocean health. Nearly nine million participants from 152 countries and locations have cleaned 145 million pounds of trash from the shores of lakes, streams, rivers, and the ocean on just one day each year. They have recorded every item found, giving us a clear picture of the manufactured items impacting the health of humans, wildlife, and economies. The 25th Anniversary Report highlighted innovations that have made a difference in protecting the ocean including Hi-Cone’s innovation to the six-pack carrier to help ensure the protection of wildlife. Click here to read the article.

Hi-Cone Joins in Recycling Education with Keep Chicago Beautiful

Hi-Cone and ITW has been a supporter of Keep America Beautiful (KAB) and the Chicago affiliate, Keep Chicago Beautiful (KCB), for over two decades as part of its commitment to the environment and the community. Keep America Beautiful, Inc. is the nation’s largest volunteer-based community improvement and education organization who engages individuals in programs that prevent litter and reduce, reuse, recycle and properly manage waste materials. One of Keep America Beautiful’s most effective tools is educational programs that reaches school children across America and this is where many Hi-Cone employees dedicate their time and energy in helping with workshops that educate Illinois teachers. Click here to read the article.

Hi-Cone leader recognized with President’s Volunteer Service Award                                          

Sherri Lydon, Business Unit Manager with Hi-Cone, a division of Illinois Tool Works, Inc., has been honored with the President’s Volunteer Service Award for her outstanding contribution to Keep Chicago Beautiful (KCB). Joyce Kagan Charmatz, president of Keep Chicago Beautiful, presented Sherri with the award and a congratulatory letter from the President of the United States at the recent 24th Anniversary Vision Awards Luncheon in Chicago. Sherri received the highest level of the President’s Volunteer Service Award, the Lifetime Award, which requires 4,000 hours of volunteer service. Click here to read the article.

Ring Leader Recycling Program Honored to be Invited to Disney Earth Day Expo

Hi-Cones’ Ring Leader Recycling Program was honored to be invited to participate in Walt Disney’s Earth Day Expos, which are hosted across Walt Disney properties for the Cast Members during the month of April each year.Click here to read the article.

Hi-Cone & Ring Leader’s Adopt-A-Beach 2011

Hi-Cone adopted Osterman Beach when it joined the Alliance for the Great Lake’s Adopt A-Beach program 19 years ago and Hi-Cone volunteers turned out in record numbers this year to clean the Lake Michigan Shore. Hi-Cone’s Adopt-A-Beach was supported by Senn High School students who worked diligently and also conducted some of their own research .Click here to read the article.

The Straight Dope: Ask Cecil

The Straight Dope is a popular fact-finding, question-and-answer newspaper column that is syndicated in thirty newspapers and available at their site of the same name. It has some very interesting facts about six pack rings, and debunks some common misconceptions in their “Ask Cecil” Column.Click here to read the article.

Hi-Cone & Ring Leader Volunteers ‘Sweep’ Osterman Beach

Osterman Beach VolunteeersAs part of its ongoing support for environmental causes, Hi- Cone has worked with the Alliance for the Great Lakes for nearly 20 years to enhance awareness about preserving and protecting some 1,700 miles of Lake Michigan’s shoreline. Click here for the full article.


Southwest AirlinesRecycling Enthusiast Brings Ring Leader to Southwest Airlines

Native Oregonian Sheila DiPace says environmental awareness is in her DNA.Click here to read how the Ring Leader program is "taking off" at Southwest Airlines.

Keep America Beautiful has Honored ITW with its Vision for America Award

In his remarks at the presentation, KAB CEO Matt McKenna praised ITW for the positive impact it has had in local communities nationwide. Click here for the full article.

A Ring Leader Fun Day Show was used to Reward Top Student Recyclers

For the last seven years, Hi-Cone has sponsored a competition among junior schools located in Bridgend, Wales, to recycle six-pack rings, which the children call Ringos. Click here to read about the fun!

Indiana Grade School

Students in Indiana Achieve Ring Leader Milestone as Part of Recycling Education Program

Students in a rural school district in Indiana collected 1,900 six-pack rings for Hi-Cone's Ring Leader recycling program. Click here to read about our young achievers.

Hi-Cone Participates in Walt Disney World's Earth Day Celebration

Hi-Cone participated in Walt Disney World's (WDW) Environmentality Celebration on April 17 at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort to commemorate Earth Day. Click here to read more about Disney and Ring Leader.

Ring Leader & Hi-Cone lead another Beach Sweep in Chicago with the Adopt-A-Beach program

Hi-Cone worked with the Alliance for the Great Lakes on its Adopt-A-Beach program at Chicago's Osterman Beach to collect and record accumulated debris. Click here for the full article.

Hi-Cone Supports Illinois Recycling Association

Hi-Cone supports the Illinois Recycling Association to enhance our involvement and leadership in promoting conservation of natural resources, and as part of our ongoing support for responsible use of packaging materials. Click here to read more.

Environmental Facts on Hi-Cone Plastic Ring Carrier Hi-Cone Plastic

All Hi-Cone plastic ring carriers sold worldwide are made from a special low-density polyethylene plastic, which is 100 percent photodegradable. Click here for more information on ring carriers.


Chain of Hope on the Mall — A Success

The "Chain of Hope" was held at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. You can read about this success story in the letters, pictures and reports from the Chain of Hope on the Mall.


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